Remodeling Kitchen, Bath and Laundry, Eco Friendly Kitchen Services in Denver, Colorado


The original kitchen cabinet repurposing company in Denver. 15 + years of expertise on the website.

Go Green + Recycle your Kitchen, Laundry + more. Our services can include meticulous removal of kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertop surfaces, interior and exterior doors, built-ins, lighting, flooring + trim…whatever you are interested in selling!

If you’re a General Contractor doing a remodel or demolition of a home, you’re our customer. If you’re a Homeowner doing a remodel, you’re our customer. Realtors that do fix + flips, Interior Designers and Estate Sale Pros all benefit from our services.


I regularly source materials on Craigslist for materials when remodeling, so when I saw Kellie’s ad for the kitchen display I was wowed. The kitchen display was one that was originally priced over $60k. It served its purpose in the showroom and now the kitchen designers were relocating and selling their floor displays at a deep discount using Kellie’s services. Kellie provided all of the detailed specs I needed to know this purchase was that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was perfectly sized and would allow me to have my dream kitchen for a fraction of the cost. She supplied knowledgeable recommendations so that I could make small tweaks to the display trim molding to make it look as if it was custom-built for my home. Kellie is fun to work with. Her creativity is contagious. I’m thrilled with the purchase and the outcome.

Nancy Clark
Denver, CO

The many things we got from Kellie have made our house beautiful and unique beyond the cost. We have kitchen cabinets, appliances, a gorgeous vanity and tile, doors, garage doors, and more. All of it is fantastic. And Kellie has always been a pleasure to work with.

Ethan Wolf

Kellie has been working with and helping Old Greenwich Builders and their clients for several years. Kellie has helped to sell and repurpose many items out of the houses that we are planning to demolish or just renovate. She has sold things that one might never think would sell, but they do. Not only does this keep these things out of landfills but it helps others with lesser budgets. Kellie is both gregarious and charming and makes the process 100% effortless to her clients. I only have to meet with her briefly and show her a property. She then takes photos of saleable items and posts them to various sites. I never have to meet with any of the perspective buyers, she does all of that and meets each of them at the property. This is important to us and our clients that she supervises these visits. I trust her implicitly and have never had an issue with giving out lock box codes. Should you hire Kellie, and you should, you will not be disappointed with her!

Christopher Withers
Old Greenwich Builders