Remodeling Kitchen, Bath and Laundry, Eco Friendly Kitchen Services in Denver, Colorado


Kellie Mills recycles parts of kitchens and bathrooms that have not outlived their appeal. Her forte is recycling whole or partial rooms using parts of kitchens and bathrooms that have not outlived their appeal, parts that have been used once, but still retain viable design style and life.

Mills brings the advantage of her background in onsite real estate, construction and design to the recycling concept. She has a precise eye for the cabinetry that will come back to life in new surroundings. And she understands the value an upgraded kitchen or bath can add to a couple’s worth.

Mills sources her pre-loved product from kitchen design showrooms and from exclusive 1% neighborhoods where the existing cabinetry is being replaced. She’s grown her reputation for seamless kitchen and bath extractions, preserving the condition of the cabinetry et al. The cabinetry and parts are dissembled in precision order and then carefully marked so that reassembly is just as seamless.

Most importantly, the service that Mills offers is value-conscious and cost-savvy. The materials are, in quality through and through.

Mills’ enthusiasm is nearly contagious. Working with Kellie invites brainstorming future projects. She can refer contractors and subcontractors and she will offer design input too.

Greencycling. Its proof of life is in the outcomes.