Remodeling Kitchen, Bath and Laundry, Eco Friendly Kitchen Services in Denver, Colorado


Greencycling Homes, LLC buys and sells kitchens from homeowners that are planning a remodel.

We also work with kitchen display showrooms when it’s time to replace a display with a fresh one.

The benefit to a homeowner is the opportunity to make money from a kitchen that has well-kept cabinets, countertops, appliances, sinks and faucets, plus save on demo costs.

The benefit to kitchen buyers is they enjoy a high-end quality kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

We also recycle bathrooms, laundry rooms, built-in cabinets, wet bars, closet systems, interior and exterior doors—anything in your home you want to replace!


Kitchens are sold as a package.

We establish a price for the items based on them being in good working condition.

Prior to removal, we take photos of the entire kitchen including the individual appliances and the Make-Model-Serial number on any appliance. We measure every part of the kitchen, bath or other room so that buyers can be certain the item will fit in their own home.

The norm is Buyers are responsible for picking up and moving the kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. that they buy but we can customize a plan that works for your project. We have relationships with contractors,granite fabricators and movers that can make this a win-win for everyone involved.

Greencycling Homes, LLC is expert in marketing products for sale online. We work diligently to keep our product line fresh. With the interest in home remodeling today, it’s rare that our products linger unsold.

When we have the opportunity to work with kitchen and bath design showrooms, we’re able to offer CAD drawings to our customers. That streamlines reinstallation in the new location.


Kitchens and bathrooms are among the most expensive rooms in a home to remodel. By the same token, kitchens and bathrooms can return the highest value to a home when it comes time to sell. That’s why Fix-N-Flippers resource their home “parts” from Greencycling Homes, LLC. DIY homeowners are great fans of the savings inherent in our services and products.

We know that once you use Greencycling Homes, LLC’s services, you’ll be a convert to reclaiming your household parts to make money and using reclaimed kitchens and bathrooms when you tackle your next project.