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Not every kitchen remodel has a seamstress involved. But it doesn’t hurt to be able to visualize the kitchen parts in its original location as they will be used in the final production of a purchase. It’s akin to buying a pattern to sew a dress and choosing the fabric. Until it’s finished, you have to trust in your choices.

The kitchen shown in this blog was originally a floor model at Thurston Kitchens & Bath when the shop was located on 6th Avenue before the business moved to 761 Kalamath St., Denver, CO 80204.

Kellie Mills worked with Thurston to sell the showroom kitchen displays prior to the move. That’s how I met her…through her Craigslist ad.

The thing that struck me as significant was Kellie’s detail to measurements. The online ad showed images but as well included every detail, width/depth/height measurements plus make and model of the appliances included. I was impressed. Partly because I had sold the kitchen right out of my home in preparation for my preloved kitchen cabinet purchase. My ad was simple: Kitchen for sale. Buyer moves. And then I tossed in a couple of photos. A Denverite pulled the cabinets, sink, and appliances in a matter of hours, loaded them onto his truck and headed toward his weekend cabin.

Kellie’s approach is notably different. She has the ability to talk clients through the process as they consider installing pre-owned cabinetry and appliances. She counsels customers to consider the little things like outlet locations and gas vs. electric range. She wants every client to come away from the experience happy.

I did.

If there’s one personal trait installing a successful pre-loved kitchen entails it is adaptability. If a stretch of cabinets in its original setting is 104” and your wall in the kitchen you’re remodeling is 113”, you’ll need to address the 9 inches of space. Either plan to trim the cabinet wall to complement the cabinetry or frame and drywall so that the new cabinets fit snugly. Don’t expect that the kitchen pulled from one home will fit exactly, although it does sometimes happen. Part of the challenge and part of the fun is to be able to be fluid and creative.

If you approach the installation of one of Greencycling Homes’ recycled kitchens into your home, you will realize a finished product that immediately increases your home’s value and saves you money. In my own case, I now get to practice my culinary arts in a kitchen I would never have been able to afford originally.

Call Kellie. She welcomes the opportunity to discuss the variety of cabinets and appliances she has to make your current kitchen over into your dream kitchen.

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