Remodeling Kitchen, Bath and Laundry, Eco Friendly Kitchen Services in Denver, Colorado


The purest definition of thinking outside the box in a kitchen remodel can be seen today in countertop edges. Gone are the days that edges are all rounded bullnose. The greatest revolution in countertop finishes is the chiseled edge.

Raw and natural, the chiseled edge is at once subtly organic and powerfully show stopping.

Slab granite and marble backsplashes have been used in top-of-line luxury kitchens for a handful of years, replacing tile with its sometimes maintenance-heavy grout upkeep. The most contemporary use of a solid slab backsplash is a chiseled edge backsplash that resembles the great Rocky Mountain Range west of Denver, Colorado.

Until a handful of years ago, kitchen countertops were routinely 2 cm thick. Newer countertops are 3 cms and straight edge vs. the more ornate French Cove, Ogee or Dupont edges.

The shape of the countertop edge is as impactful as the type of material and color selected. Transform the entire look of your kitchen by changing the countertop.