Remodeling Kitchen, Bath and Laundry, Eco Friendly Kitchen Services in Denver, Colorado
Price: $12,999


Like new Irpinia and Wood-Mode Brookhaven Kitchen and wet bar cabinetry. All the cabinetry has the soft close feature and is in excellent condition. The silver wall cabinets and island cabinets are Irpinia cabinetry with the Décor door style in a Hairline Stainless gloss finish. The darker espresso stained wood base cabinets in the kitchen and wet bar are made by Wood-Mode Brookhaven. The Wolf 6 burner gas cooktop and wall hood are included in the package. The cabinets were installed in a multimillion-dollar home in Colorado Springs, but the builder had to sell the home before the project was finished. The kitchen and wet bar were barely used. Everything was carefully uninstalled and moved to storage in Denver. Price for the package below.

WALL CABINETS- Irpinia silver cabinets
4-One door wall cabinets w/ appliance garage below Dim.:23 1/2” w x 41”h w/crown x 14“d
Appliance garage below
2-Appliance garage below Dim.: 23 5/8” w x 18”h x 18 “d
1-Appliance garage below Dim.: 23 5/8” w x 18”h x 18 “d
1-Appliance garage below Dim.: 23 5/8” w x 18”h x 18 “d
3-Matching wall cabinets from the office that match the kitchen wall cabinets, lift-up Dim.: 30” w x 41”h x 14” d

BASE CABINETS ON THE WALL-Wood-Mode espresso stained wood cabinets
4-Three drawer base cabinet Dim.: 24 “w x 36”h x 24“d
2-Filler pieces framing the range top
2-Drawers underneath the range top, there was no cabinet box rails attach to side pieces Dim.: 36” w x “h x 24’d

DOUBLE CABINETS-Wood-Mode espresso stained wood cabinets
3-Four door double tall wall cabinet holds the ovens and speed ovens w/pull out metal drawers Dim.:30” w x 96“h x 24” d

ISLAND- Irpinia silver cabinets
1-Four drawer base cabinet Dim.: 11 3/4“w121/2” w w/fin. panel x 36”h x 24“d
1-One drawer, One door base cabinet w/ trash can holder Dim.:20 “w x 36”h x 24“d
1-Two door sink base cabinet Dim.: 31 ½” w x 36”h x 24’d
1-Three drawer base cabinet Dim.: 12 “w/12 ½” w x 36”h x 24“d
1-One drawer below the microwave 36” w x 9 1/2 “h x 24” d, along with one cabinet frame for the microwave 30” w x 18 ½”h
1-1door cabinet on the back of the island Dim.: 21 ½” w x 36”h

*The counters are not included in the package because the new owners of the house are keeping them. All the island cabinets were salvaged in excellent condition, but it was difficult taking out the marble waterfall bar counter above the island so 4 out of the 5 one door cabinets on the back side of the island were not salvageable along with the one door side cabinet on the side of the island for the prep sink.

36” Wolf 6 burner range top Model #SRT366 Serial #17290925 Dim.: Listing price new $4,585
42” Vent A Hood Model # Dim.: 42”w x 39”h/48”h x 24”d

24" Silver panel front for the dishwasher
2-27" Dark wood all refrigerator and all freezer panel fronts

WALL CABINETS- Irpinia Silver cabinets
2-Two door wall cabinets Dim.: 31 ¼”w x 41”h x 14”d
1-Two door wall cabinets Dim.: 35 ¼”w x 41”h x 14”d

BASE CABINETS-Wood-Mode espresso stained wood cabinets
1-Four drawer base cabinet Dim.: 21” w x 36”h x 24” d
1-One door sink base cabinet Dim.: 21” w x 36”h x 24” d
1-One door base cabinet Dim.: 24” w x 36”h x 24” d

EXCLUSIONS: Refrigerator, Freezer, Dishwasher, Microwave from the kitchen along with the wine fridge and 18” Dishwasher from the wet bar, all countertops, sinks, faucet sets and disposals.

NOTES: Kitchen and Wet Bar will fit in a 8’h ceiling. It is 8’h to the bottom of the soffit in the photogrpahs

PRICE $12,999

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